• Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

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Special-purpose acquisition company


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SPAC Stocks Crashed, Now What?

If you took a look at some of your SPAC stocks over the last week you may have noticed a trend happening and it’s not the up trend you were…

Tortoise Acquisition (SHLL) Set To Explode Sept 28th Pay Close Attention

This will be one of the most iconic SPAC stocks to merge in 2020 for many reasons including likely turning Thomas Healy, 28 the CEO into the youngest American billionaire!…

Hindenburg Vs Nikola Stock The Most Epic Short Battle

NASDAQ: NKLA stock investors were slapped with the most fascinating short hit piece in modern stock market history! Now investors are shaken as this news dropped the the stock over…

Goldman Sachs Has A SPAC IPO Ticker GSAH-UN Files for $700M Aqcuisiton

If you thought SPACs “Special Purpose Acquisition company” were just for small time managers acquiring start ups you’d be mistaken as even Goldman Sachs has its eyes on deals with…