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As we start to see a light at the end of the tunnel for this health crisis there’s been a huge downturn in Telehealth stocks, it seems investors are loosing there interest. We believe however this is presenting an opportunity as these companies are executing and growing revenues at incredible rates in 2021, well also setting up a brand new health care infrastructure for the future.

Canadian Telehealth is exceeding in growth over many competitor with one leading the pack called Well Health Technologies Corp TSE: WELL Its now expanded beyond just telehealth and is even globally diversified, From 2019 to 2021 the stock is trading up 1,500% becoming a “unicorn” from penny stock to billion dollar business we are here to ask is TSE: WELL still a buy?

Telehealth Stocks Are Here To Stay

It’s widely misconceived that once this health crisis is over people will return to clinics as normal but the infrastructure behind our healthcare systems has changed and we fundamentally believe for the better. Thanks to telehealth a doctor is now at arms reach and will serve hospital wait times better for people who require emergency assistance.

Not only do we believe this is a fundamental shift that applies heavily to our bull thesis but the governments are now implementing large tax dollars around the world to re vamp the flaws in the health care system.

WELL Health Technologies

WELL Health Technologies (TSX:WELL) is the industry leader of Canada trading down 18% from the time of this article priced at $7.22 CAD the fundamentals are stronger then ever especially in 2021 thanks to a recent acquisition of CRH Medical a $300m US healthcare service company adding over $35m a quarter to Well Health Technologies balance sheet.

With the current market cap of 1.18B and based off 2020 data, deducting liabilities this company has an underlaying asset value of around 219m dividing by there market cap the company trades for roughly 5x under lying value.

comparing this to there revenue growth of over 50% from 2019 (32.8m) -2020 (50.2m) and with recent acquisitions in 2021 this company is proving itself to becoming a staple in the healthcare system not just in Canada but globally. We believe if these fundamentals persist the company is poised to continue offering great value to there share holders who are looking for long term growth in a safer industry.

WELL Health’s CEO Hamed Shahbazi with more than 20 years of business experience founded TIO Networks in 1997, The company grew to become a multi-channel payment solution provider. That specialized in bill payments and other financial services later being acquired by PayPal for $304m.

A Deeper Look At Well Health Technologies

More data can be found on there fact sheet directly from the investor relation page here but at a glance,

  • Number of health clinics 27
  • Doctors at WELL Clinics Over 200
  • Clinics on EMR Network Across Canada 2,200+
  • Registered EMR patients 10,700+
  • Practitioner’s Supported on telehealth 2,800+
  • Monthly Virtual Care visits 66,000+
  • Number of Apps Supported 26
  • Practitioner’s Supported on Billing and Back Office 2,000+

The Global Telehealth & Telemedicine Market

is expected to grow at a CAGR of 37.7% during the forecast period, to reach USD 191.7 billion by 2025 from an estimated USD 38.7 billion in 2020. Growth in the telehealth and telemedicine market is mainly driven by factors such as the rising population

The digital healthcare markets are providing better, cheaper & more affordable healthcare across the world easing stress of hospitals. Th

WELL Health Technologies Stock Chart

Over the last 5 years WELL stock has grown almost 6,000% and on this recent pull back has been loosing media attention as people look forward to the end of this health crisis. We believe this is giving a bullish set up for annual reports, further acquisitions & positive news to fallow as this market has along way to go.

This article represents our own views and is not financial investment advice, do your own research or speak with professionals! This article was done on the behalf of https://www.well.company/ we hold no shares of TSE: WELL

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